Value VS. Cost: Supplements

Many of us lead healthy lifestyles–we have gym memberships, drop in for the occasional yoga class, and exercise dietary restrictions. These life decisions are excellent ways to promote healthy living, but are we truly getting the most out of our meals to exercise at an optimal level? We tend to throw large amounts of money at looking good, but our bodies may be missing vital nutrients that we can only get with the right nutrition. It is just as important to invest in quality supplements as it is to keep up with the latest body conditioning techniques, training, and balancing…

Flip Your Health Flops Into Health Hacks

We all want to feel good. Really, really, good and oftentimes we sacrifice what makes us feel good about what tastes good. What tastes great impacts us greatly. We can feel happy and upbeat, only to later feel drained energetically and financially. A tasty, indulgent Frappuccino sounds divine in the short term–but oh trust us, the crash will come. High sugar and caffeine disrupt your energy patterns as well as your sleep, not to mention adds up over time. A daily sweet fix can cost you roughly $30 bucks a week. Yikes, time to reach for the green tea. Green…

How To Optimize Your Health With Your Refund

Tax season can prove to be a lot like New Years, we wait in anticipation, set goals towards lifestyle changes, and plan to break bad habits all with hopes of becoming a new version of ourselves. Tax season is no different–many of us set financial intentions to save our refunds, invest in projects or dreams, or even plan to treat ourselves to a big purchase. While all of these are great, and it is true that we see an uptick in future financial planning during tax season, the one thing we tend to overlook is ourselves.
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Benefits Of Proper Sleep and Hormones

The average American gets just 6.8 hours of sleep per night with 4 in 10 adults getting less than the recommended amount of sleep for optimal health. Over 70 years ago, Americans slept on average just under 8 hours a night. Sleep is the time your body requires to rebuild and repair tissues. Lost hours of sleep then impact overall health. The change in sleep patterns has mirrored the rise in obesity rates. It’s not just the daily drive through or nightly ice cream in front of the TV that may impact weight control. Sleep is an important factor in…
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Paleo Diet Basics and Advantages

Should You Do Paleo? The Basics and Advantages Our cave-dwelling predecessors didn’t eat microwaved diet dinners or meet friends for happy hour. They didn’t hit the drive-through on the way home from the office. And Loren Cordain, PhD, the originator of The Paleo Diet, believes returning to the diet of the past could be the key to solving many contemporary health issues. Cordain has been researching the diet of early humans since the 1970s. The diet he came up with has gained popularity among athletes and dieters alike, spurring spin-offs, as well as food product lines, restaurants, and a renewed…

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